“Zimbabwe A World of Wonders”


Zimbabwe, is a landlocked country located on a high plateau in the southern part of the continent of Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers and covering 390 245 Km2. It is bordered by South Africa to the south, Botswana to the southwest, Zambia to the northwest, Mozambique to the east and Namibia to the Caprivi Strip.


With a total area of 150,820 sq miles / 390,245 square kilometers, the country is endowed with vast minerals, wildlife and agricultural land.

Capital City

The capital of Zimbabwe is Harare whilst the tourism capital of Zimbabwe is Victoria Falls.


English is the official language while Shona and Ndebele are the major indigenous languages, with several other minority languages of Venda, Tonga, Shangaan, Kalanga, Sotho, Ndau and Nambya.

Bank Hours

Banks in Zimbabwe are open for business during the following hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
08:00 – 15:00 hrs
15:00 hrs
08:00 – 11:00 hrs

The Weather And What To Pack

Zimbabwe enjoys pleasant temperate climate with 365 days of sunshine and 10 sunshine hours per day on average. The seasons are the reverse of those in the northern hemisphere, with midsummer at Christmas and winter lasting from May to August. In winter the days are generally dry and sunny with cold frosty nights in the Highveld. In summer temperature average 25-30 degrees Celsius, October being the hottest month where temperatures exceed 32 degrees Celsius. In low-lying areas it is much warmer all year than Harare and other Highveld centres.

The temperatures given are those for the main centres and it must be realized that it is considerably warmer all year round in low-lying areas such as Kariba, Victoria Falls, Hwange, Gonarezhou and the Zambezi valley. During the rainy season (November to March), a light jacket may be needed in the evenings. Most hotels expect men to wear a collar, jacket and tie in bars and restaurants after 1830hrs, except in the warmer parts of the country. 

Electrical Appliances

Electricity in Zimbabwe is 220-230 AC voltage. Most outlets take a 13 amp fused square –pin plug but round pins are still in use so an adaptor that can take both is useful.

Quick Information Reference

Local Time in Zimbabwe:
Capital City of Zimbabwe:
Population of Zimbabwe:
17.30 million
Language(s) spoken in Zimbabwe:
English, Shona, Ndebele many local languages
Dialling Code for Zimbabwe:
Emergency numbers in Zimbabwe:
Police, Fire & Ambulance: 112
Driving in Zimbabwe:
Driving is on the Left. International Driving Permit recommended
Currencies in Zimbabwe:
United States Dollar, South African Rand, Botswana Pula, British Pound, Australian Dollars, Zimbabwean Bond
Credit Cards:
Accepted in some facilities but you are encouraged to carry some cash with you.


All attendees are requested to verify the visa requirements for Zimbabwe at the following link please – https://www.evisa.gov.zw/#/VisaRegime

All visitors require valid passports. With the introduction of the visa regime all countries around the globe were grouped into three categories i.e.

CATEGORY A – Countries, whose nationals do not require visas at all,
CATEGORY B – Countries whose nationals are granted visas at the port of entry on payment of the requisite visa fees,
CATEGORY C – Countries whose nationals are required to apply for and obtain visas prior to travelling.

These regulations are subject to change, please check with the relevant authorities. All journalists visiting Zimbabwe need to be accredited by the Ministry of Information and Publicity. Please contact the Zimbabwe Embassy or Consulate in or near your country.

You can now apply for your visas online through the following link www.evisa.gov.zw